About Me

"I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and great fear of shallow living."quote by Anaïs Nin

I am the girl who has so much inside of her so speaking what is on her mind, she often has to close her eyes, to get lost in the amount of thoughts running through her head.

When I was younger I realized that writing was a great tool that I could use to express myself and organize my thoughts, all the words that would get stuck between my lips flowed on paper with ease. 

There are so many arguments in my life that could have turned out completely different, only if I had the courage to say “Give me an hour, a piece of paper, a pen or pencil, I need to write”.

I’ve created My Wanderlust Mind as a new platform to be able share my thoughts with you on a deeper level, and also be able to hear your personal experiences and opinions.  Each of us have a different journey, but we can still grow together.

Here you will find topics about motivation, places to go, wellness, travels and other subjects my mind may guide us to explore.

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Who is Bianca Ruiz?

I was born in Brazil, luckily for my international modelling career, I had the chance to start travelling the world at a very early age. Currently, I live in Los Angeles with my puppy Maya.

Not defined just for being a model, my personal story is full of ups and downs and insecurities like every human being.

With a personal passion for writing, I decided to share with you a little of my personal story, my motivation insights and lighter subjects such as travelling and wellness.

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