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My Nomad Soul

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

What was the moment that moulded your future? Do you remember the early itch of finding who you truly are? I decided to go back in my mind to find the earliest memory of my desire to travel.

It may be your first time getting to know me, or you may already have seen me through my Instagram or #life, whatever is what brought you here, welcome.

“Laying down on the back seat of an old car gazing the stars from the window, I sensed an urge inside my soul to #explore beyond where those #roads lead to.”

This is my inicial post and we are going to get a lot closer because I am ready to open up my #heart and #mind to you; so feel free to comment, reach out, tell me your own #story, and of course, share it with your friends if you enjoy what you are seeing here.

I thought a lot on what my first post should be about, so I decided to give you a little introduction of how my #journey began. I look forward to hearing your feedback and your opinion on what you would want to read and discuss at My #Wanderlust Mind. If you have been on my Instagram, you will find out some topics I love such as #motivation, #goals, struggles and life in general. But I will also post some fun stuff here, such as recommendations of places I love to go, my travels, food, exercise, and sometimes also show you guys my silly side. Know that I appreciate you for sharing this with me.

My #family and I use to take several road trips when I was growing up. We had family in the countryside of #Brazil, and most of our school holidays we would drive there.

We use to fold the back seats of our car and cover it with blankets and pillows creating a little bed for my sister and me to sleep. The #trip was officially on when we reached the freeway, and it was one of my favorite parts because then we start devouring the snacks.

After hours travelling I would fall asleep by the comforting sound of the tires running through the asphalt. My dad would wake us up each time he would see a shooting #star so we could make a wish. It felt to me like #magic was guiding our way.

Laying down on the back seat of an old car gazing the stars from the window, I sensed an urge inside my soul to #explore beyond where those #roads lead to. I would question myself: “What was on the edge of the #horizon?” “What was on the other side of those #mountains?” “How far does this vast blue #ocean go and what’s on the other side?”. I felt the need to see it with my own eyes, wanderlust stroke me. When you are young and broke, #travelling abroad feels like a faraway dream.

Back from my school #vacations, I would hear my friend’s telling me about their Disneyland Trip trying to grasp as much as I could, I would recreate it in my mind #fantasizing as if I could see what they have seen.

A few years later my #life came to a turning point, I began my modeling career. At the age of twelve, my number one reason to work was being able to support my family with the bills at home. It wasn't until my first #international #modeling #trip that finally I saw a #future in this #career. After all, which teenager wouldn't love to get paid to travel the #world by themselves?

The #excitement and #uncertainties that were going through my head were many. I asked the #universe for what I wanted and suddenly I was #gifted with the #opportunity; if you ask me, the universe has very big ears. I was about to move to the opposite side of the #globe from the only place I ever knew, #Brazil.

When I got on my flight to #Tokyo, #Japan I decided to leave my #fears behind. All I was able to see ahead of me was #possibilities, #dreams and #hopes. Nowadays looking back, I feel so #grateful that my #journey brought me so much further than I could have ever #imagined then.

#Home became a state of mind. It was no longer a specific #place, but the #collection of #memories that created the safe shelter I can bring with me wherever I go. Home is now like the embrace of my #parents, my #sister's eyes, the #voice of my #boyfriend singing to me, the laugh of my little #cousins, the #morning #cuddle with my #puppy and all the #special #people I met along my #path.

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